Valvin Friendica
Do you have any suggestion of a photo manager program which identifies picture using tags / description.

My goal is to create a personal references pictures library for drawing. In order to find quickly references I've selected myself.

I'm testing TagSpaces but I'm not 100% happy with it (mostly ergonomy).

It could be great that software is available on desktop (linux) and smartphone (android) using a file synchronization.

Thank you

#picture #drawing #opensource #art
Tobias Mastodon (AP)
@valvin For file syncronisation between smartphone and desktop, I can recommend Syncthing by the way 😊
@valvin Tropy is what you need 😀 It's meant for managing research photos and archival documents but I also use it to organise illustrations for video projects, and for personal photos. You can tag and describe photos, group them into objects, and add all the metadata you want (and search through all of this). Plus it's #opensource and available on Linux 😀
Valvin Friendica
@paperdigits digikam looks to be a great product but ergonmy for adding tag doesn't fit what i'd like. but the features which allowes finding similar image or face recognition is nice.
@valvin @kemonine you've done some extensive work here trialing photo management software haven't you? or am i misremembering?

sorry of this CC is of no use in advance.